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The Facebook and Business relationship. [If you know this, then you would never see your Facebook Page the same way again]

You might have asked - How would a Facebook Page be of any use to my business?

In this post, I would answer that question and then you would be left with the choice to either get on Facebook and Scale your business from there or join other social platforms and do the same.


Let’s go!

Wait! Before we proceed just some thoughts to pounder upon.

Let’s say you are a business that sells shoes right?

But to be specific here “Male Foot wears”

Here you are with the decision to choose where you would like to have your shop – where you would sell your shoes from.

You have only 2 options which you can choose from.

The first, a street with only 200 people out of which you have both male and female residents.

The second a street with only 200,000 people out of which you have both male and female residents.

What is the probability here that you would find your perfect customers in either the first street or the second street?

With that same thought in mind which would you go for?

Awesome answers you must have, kindly share your thoughts in the comments and then come back to continue your reading!

Shared? Welcome back!

Regardless of wherever you choose and for whatsoever reason you made that choice, you are right!

The social media space is the same for your business and my favorite example here would be that of Facebook.

Your Facebook Page is nothing less similar to your physical shop or any social media platform you have or are yet to choose for your business.

It present you with the opportunity to reach thousands, millions and even billions of your targeted audience with the aim to convert them to paying customers.

And with over 2 billion people registered on the Facebook platform what is the probability of you reaching your target customers on this platform?

Huge right?

That is the exact same reason a Facebook page or any other social media account is needed for your business!


How would you know the best social platform for your business?
I have written something on that right here use the hashtag #thesocialmediaguy to find the post and read through it.


A Facebook Page should be an asset that gives your business access to 1/3 of the world.

Your Facebook Page if well optimized would place you right at the Face of your target customers and giving you the opportunity to attract them, convert them and transform their lives with your business.

Your Facebook page helps your business reach thousands your imagination cannot comprehend any time any day.

Your Facebook page gives your business the ability to reach only qualified people who can afford what your business sells but not just reach! And also convert them to see and see the reflection of the glory of mark in your bank account.

With even more development around helping the over 21 Million businesses already on the platform, more tools are being developed to help your business grow, scale and reach the global space in no time.

Refuse to underestimate what your Facebook Page can do for you.

If you do, you just shut the door to a little close to half of the world who needs what your business sells.

And know this!

You cannot sell to those who you can’t reach!

Would you get your business on social media today?

Ps: If you have your business on social media already, what new perspective would you embrace today? Let’s talk in the comments and we would all together cheer you to your journey of success with it!